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Better Customer Experiences with Generative AI/ML


Attendees from the government, private and non-profit sector learned that generative AI creates new content and ideas including conversations, stories, images, videos and music. They also received guidance on how to get started, and how applying practical techniques can help metrics such as customer satisfaction and conversation rate. Finally, they heard about how retail, travel and hospitality industries are utilizing generative AI from companies such as and Lonely Planet. Useful presentation documents are available below.

The summit focused on the importance of enabling the workforce to meet the demands of the digital age, highlighting the need for continuous learning and development to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment. With a strong emphasis on uniting to protect our local economy, the summit brought together stakeholders from all sectors to explore innovative solutions that promote growth, sustainability, and prosperity for all of Hawai’i. 

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Leilani Farinas

Executive Director TRUE