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Improving the Customer Experience Through Call Center Modernization

A hosted lunch and learn lesson showcases Hawaii businesses who have applied call center technology to improve customer experience.


On June 23, TRUE hosted a complimentary Lunch and Learn session. Attendees heard from Central Pacific Bank’s team about the company’s success in implementing call center technology to improve their customer experience and achieve key business benefits.

They also learned about industry trends and technologies and how these apply to attendees’ businesses. This event provided attendees a chance to network and create collaboration opportunities with other local organizations, too.

What kind of success metrics have companies seen with Call Center Modernization?

Customers have seen improvements across multiple business areas, regardless of industry. Here are some notable metrics:

• Reduce telecom expenses by more than 40% (Hotel)

• Enhance the accessibility of banking services, respond faster to customer requests, and spend more time innovating (Credit Union)

• Better call management from 1700 calls/day to 1,600,000 calls/day (Government Dept of Labor)

• Growing contact tracers from 1,000/day to 11,000 new contacts/day (Government Dept of IT)

• Cut contact center costs by 70% (Engineering Services)

• Order increase by 91% and complaints reduced by 87% on day 1 of deployment (Restaurant)

• 80% less abandoned calls (Software)

• 15% reduction in handle time (Restaurant)



• What is Amazon Connect?

• Product Demo – ASPEN

• Lunch/Networking

• Panel Q&A Use Case with Central Pacific Bank

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Leilani Farinas

Executive Director TRUE


Adrienne Chee

SVP & Chief Information Officer

Central Pacific Bank

Lori Bettencourt

SVP & Director of Call Center

Central Pacific Bank

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